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quote I don't know why they have these low rates. The food we ordered was really good overall, soft and chewy. Not sure about vibes, but still I had a good time with my friends. Everything was self-service, which I didn't mind at all.

Fat Boys Birkenhead - 72-74 Mokoia Rd

So won K - 2 months ago

quote Can't fault the prices as they are pretty affordable but I bought 8 vegetable fried rice and they barely had any vegetable in them. A Thai takeaway run by two Indian chefs on a Saturday night. They were very nice though but I'm wary of the authenticity of the food produced. I wanted to support my local small business so I might try some of their other dishes. Parking is easy and ample. Don't dine in as it's very bare-bones on the inside instead order via food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats or DoorDash.

Grace Thai Takeaway - 883B Manukau Rd

David He - 9 months ago

quote authentic kebabs ! ordered lamb kebabs with extra egg and it's tasty I'd highly recommend it to every1

Kebab Heaven & Pizza Henderson - 8/126 Rathgar Rd

Nurture with Nature - 2 months ago


Kebab Sensation - 22 Stoddard Rd


quote I'm not sure what the one star reviews are about but we went for late dinner 11pm one night and it was so good we went back at 5.30pm the next night for a second go. Generous portions, incredible flavour great service.

New Flavour Restaurant - 537 Dominion Rd

Cheryl - 2 months ago

quote Yummy & extremely reasonable prices. They have a lot of yummy food but the signature star dish is Butter Chicken & I highly recommend you try it Indian style, there is an option for sweet as well. Their dishes such as entree Chicken Tikka are truly the best, and authentic as are all their vast array of cooked to perfection culinary delights. The staff are very pleasant, kind hearted, & their communication is first class regarding accuracy of time in completing orders (first come first serve basis which is fair & reasonable), and you are most welcome to dine in to enjoy as well as take out. The chicken vindaloo is absolutely delicious as is the chilli chicken with gravy & seasonal vegetables topped with soft smooth buttered textured to perfection Naan breads. Their stir fry chicken is also noteworthy. The Biryani is scrumptious (extremely tasty) as is Chicken Tikka Masala - a must try if you like the authentic offerings. For the sweet tooth I highly recommend the Raspberry, and Fanta Slushy - a very refreshing beverage. A must try for the foodie is their amazing chicken fried rice. It’s so good you’ll need to order a separate set for takeaway. The chef is world class first class and cooks with passion and to perfection each time. Be sure to give their authentic masala tea a try & dessert Gulab Jamun. Delicious! They have a great promotion on at the moment (fried chicken, pizzas, chips etc) be sure to check it out - real value for $. I look forward to exploring their menu further on repeat visits. Highly recommend & very deserving of local support. They are ahead of the game and outshining competitors with relative ease. Respectfully, Aneez

Oye Hoye - 492 Queen St

Aneez Nabi - 3 weeks ago