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quote A great food stop on the way to Hobbiton tour. Ordered spicy boiled fish. Smelled amazing! The fish slices were so tender and there are lots of veggies come with it. Not to mention glass noodles. Since we were on a tight timeline, the chef was kind enough to offer a quick option for us.

Happy Days Takeaway - 32A Victoria St

Xiangyu Wu - 3 months ago

quote Food price is getting more expensive at Lucky Takeaways here, each meal costs around $16.80 to $21.80 now! Chips meal we feel less amounts by months, but the price is still increasing up! The Chinese Banquets (2-3 people+) meal increases $10+ and the Specials (meals) increase around $3 to $5 compared to few months ago in last year! The food taste is over average, hopefully the price won’t increase again in near future, otherwise hard to afford it! We were regular customers when food prices here were affordable.

Lucky Chinese Takeaways - 93 Victoria St

dominic yankee - a year ago
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