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Fried chicken is a dish consisting of chicken pieces that have been coated with seasoned flour or batter and pan-fried, deep fried, pressure fried, or air fried. The breading adds a crisp coating or crust to the exterior of the chicken while retaining juices in the meat. Broiler chickens are most commonly used.

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quote Love coming here for pita. So yummy!

Serena Simpkin - 6 months ago

quote Food is delicious and very well presented. The smokiness is apparent. I ordered lamb chop and the side vege complemented it really well. Price is reasonable. Will definitely return again to try lamb shank soon.

nawfaS - a week ago

quote Best popcorn chicken ever! Better than KFCs.

Mark Ikimouga - a month ago

quote The chicken roll absolutely slaps, unbeatable for $8. Crunchy french bread packed to the brim with tender roast chicken, gravy, mayo and sliced carrots. Do not sleep on Tom's Roast.

Zach Hall - 2 months ago