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quote Very neat and tidy place. Food is so beautiful and more than worth the price. Highly recommended

Courtenay Kebab - 23 Courtenay Pl

Bijal Jadhav - 3 months ago

quote Really ! - thank you Masala - Great Manager - staff and chef! We had a really fabulous dinner last night. Excellent food, wonderful service and lively but relaxed ambience. We will return! Warmly Chris & Johnny

Masala Cafe And Bar - 12 Allen St

Chris Black - 2 months ago

quote Order from Uber eats. The S&S chicken had a wonderful thick and flavorful sauce with crispy coated buts of tender chicken. And the entree combo with the dumplings, spring rolls, pancakes and wonton. Absolutely fantastic, crisp out sides tasty juicy insides. Anyone from Tauranga who's Been to 88, this is the 88 of Wellington.

Red Mount - 145 Victoria St

K Eric Howitt - 2 weeks ago

quote One of my favorite food places

A Plus Sushi - 161b Willis St

James Semmens 022 - 3 months ago

quote Fantastic Kebabs. Delicious rotisserie chicken, bread wrap heated perfectly, good salad selection and tasty sauces. Simple but a sensory delight. If you’re after a Kebab or Iskender or Shish Kebab or even a Baklava and Turkish coffee, then you can’t do better.

Alaturka - 38 Waring Taylor St

Michael P C Flynn - a week ago

quote Surprised by some of the negative reviews below. Have never had their fish and chips but the Malaysian dishes we’ve had have all been banging. Big fan of the roti w chicken curry. The go to in our place for takeaway night. Also really lovely folks. Thoroughly recommend.

Asian Takeaways (Khandallah) - 16 Ganges Rd

Guy Smith - a month ago
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