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quote Good bakery and hot food outlet. With street parking and tables inside and out.

Hillcrest Bakery & Cafe - 145 Cambridge Rd

Pete Armstrong - a month ago

quote We found this hidden Asian BBQ restaurant while searching for dinner in Hamilton. The lamb and chicken skewers were delicious. The deep fried bun with condensed milk was amazing and the best we've had in NZ. There is also a large selection of Asian beer. Will definitely be back with friends!

KAO BBQ - 12 Hood St

Christine - 3 months ago

quote Nice shop, definitely will come back

168 Chinese Takeaways - 1158 River Rd

Frank Zhang - 2 weeks ago

quote Its was okay. If your wanting to feed a big group I wouldn't recommend this place. However, taste wise; good. This is my experience based on my order of $7 chips only.

Asian Kitchen - Hamilton - 44 Rata St

Huriana Ormsby - 4 weeks ago

quote Unusual for me. This place fell so short of what it could have been. I came because the mussel entree had been recommended to me and indeed the taste was excellent. They were served in the half shell, with a delicious sauce tasting of white pepper rather than the more common chili. However, the serving dish was designed for 6, but the portion was 5. That empty spot detracted from the appearance. One of my mussels was served with no shell...apparently it had fallen out. I carelessly overlooked the implied warning and then struggled with 4 more that were firmly attached to the shell. I hope the resulting sauce stains on my shirt front will come out. The traditional selection of entrees was OK, although at least two had been fried too long, but unexceptional. The pork ribs didn't seem very Thai, but were certainly very tasty. The sauce having those black pepper overtones mentioned earlier. I would certainly eat here again...but I would not take an important guest,

Baan Thai Restaurant - 829 Victoria St

Josiah Bounderby - 3 months ago

quote Highly recommend!! Amazing food and service, is my go to for takeaway butter chicken, and the dine in experience is awesome too πŸ‘πŸ‘.

Balas Indian Restaurant - 47 Pembroke St

Noema Taunoa - a month ago