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So it's been a while since I was here and time hasn't been kind to the place. Photocopied menus on clipboards. Vastly reduced menus. Trainee waitress who didn't know the menu or how to pronounce the names (she was trying her best, bless her). I was dubious about staying, but was glad we did because the food more than made up for the above. Plus they had salsa lessons that night do we ended up with a meal and a show... Original review: Great food, although a limited menu by comparison to other Mexican places.

La Mexica Cantina and Rest - 109 The Strand

Steve Winnard - a year ago

Amazing taste with great quantity. They know how to cook!

Bay Masala - 252 Welcome Bay Rd

Arafat Hasan - a month ago

Mum and I had been planning to get a roast for a long time and Id heard good things about the place. We were going to dine in and I had to ask for plates and they were paper and cutlery provided. We had to pay for our containers hmm not sure really about that. I got a large and Mum got a medium and the portions were definitely very good sizes but it was about 4pm and the place was extremely cold and noted by another customer waiting for her order. I think overall food was good but thought they may have offered to close one of doors as the food wasnt 'Hot' and the cold air may have been cooling the display units.

Bayview Roast & Fish N Chips - 19 Bethlehem Rd

Anthony Coulter - 3 months ago

Just mildly inconsistent pricing with chips. $20 worth of chips is the same as $6, $30 and plenty of others in between, we’ve tested. They clearly don’t go by scoops but just fill a tray regardless of how much over $5 you pay. The dumplings are yum. In general most things are quite oily but tasty.

Bellevue Takeaways - 124 Windsor Rd

Ella Jacob - 3 months ago

Really good chips and good amount of chips for $4. We get $5 worth and it's a good amount for us. Compared to other Takeaways I would recommend this one. Also friendly staff. Thanks

Bethlehem Takeaways - 235A State Hwy 2

Blue Ocean - a month ago

Firstly, the food quality from these guys is good. My issue is the poor time management and how long you have to wait, in spite of being told when your order will be ready. We are generally burgers and chips people, so what we often find is that the burgers are prepared much earlier than the chips and so as long as you are happy to have to disassemble your burger and reheat it when you get home, it's fine. The burgers are bagged up, going cold and waiting for the fryer cooking to catch up. Hardly ideal. The last three times I have had to wait 30-45 mins after the time I was told over the phone. When I questioned this I was told "we are really busy", which is great for business but being honest and giving a more realistic wait time would be better. I think they just tell everyone 10-15 mins. I'd sooner leave home later than sit in a fish and chips shop for 30-40 mins. I'm probably going to try somewhere else after my third bad experience.

Brookfield Fish & Chip Takeaway - 75 Bellevue Rd

Peter Nicholson - 2 months ago