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quote We had pork chives and venison dumplings. The portion was huge – if you are not a big eater I would recommend taking the size S instead of size L. It tasted great and the price is reasonable. The dough is really silky and the meat was tasty. Could be juicier though. If I understood correctly, everything is handmade from dough to filling (even the minced meat is made in-house, that's really awesome). We had to wait for 15 minutes and the owner gave us algae salad for free. He seemed really busy since a lot of take-away-orders came in, so I really appreciated him being thoughtful about us. However I would not recommend to sit in if you want a cosy dinner. The place is quite small and the door was left open. Our table as well as the porcelaine jar of the soysauce were dirty. Also worth mentioning: not everything on the menu displayed outside was available. All in all it's a good choice for dumplings for take away or a quick dine-in.

Dumpling House - 11 Victoria St E

Rina Gisler - 3 weeks ago

quote The food was ok. This is very chinese place with staff not being able to talk English at all. The place has much more potential.

Fat Boys Birkenhead - 72-74 Mokoia Rd

Mansour Ganji - 8 months ago

quote Believe the reviews. It really is very tasty and great value for money. I had the pork and celery dumplings fried. They were amazing. Crispy outside but inside pastry had a beautiful thick, chewy bite to it. Almost like noodles. Beautiful combo of textures. Fillings were very flavourful and super juicy. Dumplings were really big too. Biggest I've ever had I think. Overall just awesome dumplings. Highly recommend!

Little Tiger Dumpling - 62A Federal St

Christoph Locher - 2 months ago

quote This place is amazing! I walked in not knowing what to order. I told the guy behind the counter that I would need his help. I described what I wanted and he made the most refreshing tea I’ve ever had. The service was great and the wait time was super short. Im not usually around Albany but if I ever find myself even remotely in the neighbourhood I’m making a stop here.

Magic Tea (Albany) - 303/24 Library Ln

Lovell Dennis - 3 months ago


Nian Restaurant - 484 Queen St

贾国龙 - 10 months ago

quote Good Selection of indo-american appetizers. Their selection of pizzas is good. It is vegetarians and vegan friendly. Their $1.99 fries is worth the hype. I liked dal tadka more than dal makhni. Paneer Amritsari is good but it is very similar to kadayi paneer. If you like creamy curry go for butter masala sauce/gravy with your favourite protein. I tried paneer but they have meats options as well.

Oye Hoye - 492 Queen St

Pallav Khurana - a week ago