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quote Big meal, cheap price. A lot of dishes around $12 dollar, roast duck, BBQ pork, roast pork ...eat . Perfect for the family gathering and price reasonable. Noddle are nice especially for the fries noddle. Good place to visit. VH

Good Well BBQ Restaurant - 309 Botany Rd

紐西蘭吃喝玩樂 Vincent in New Zealand - 6 years ago

quote Conveniently located with plenty of parking in the vicinty of the restaurant. Nice and clean, new, modern looking restaurant. Friendly staff. Most of the food we ordered was good, especially the sesame balls, coriander + shrimp dumplings. The prawn rice rolls however, had an unusual taste & the prawn at the ends of the rice rolls were cold.. fancy looking desserts at the counter area. Overall a good dine in experience. We paid ~$85 for 3 people

11 Dim Sum - 345 Chapel Rd

Christina - 2 months ago

quote An East Auckland staple which you need to try, has been around for a very long time and is popular for a reason. One of the best Beijing roast ducks in town! One of the few, if not the only, place where the chef cuts the duck in front of your table so you can see that you are getting all of the parts. A lot of other great dishes on the menu to try too so you will never leave with an empty stomach. Just remember to book a table just advance if you want to have the Beijing duck, otherwise sometimes they are still able to prepare one for you in around plus or minus 40 mins. Classic Chinese restaurant interior with the bright coloured walls and warm lights, but you can still get nice photos of the food!

Beijing Duck Restaurant - 38 Queens Rd

J M - 6 months ago

quote The really interesting flavours of the sushi rolls here are quite good. They have similar menus to the other branches. It is located in the little shop area by Carls Jr. The sushi rolls here are quite large and quite tasty. I really like any of the prawn ones or any of the spicy ones. Nice flavour and a nice place for a meal.

Bruce Lee Sushi - Half Moon Bay - 197 Pigeon Mountain Rd

Benedict Uy - 4 years ago

quote Nice branch of Bruce Lee sushi in Glen Innes. They have a similar menu to the other places and serves sushi as well as ramen and dons. The menu was on the top area of the counter and had descriptions of their filling. I came by quite late but they still had some pre-prepared sushi out front. I ended up getting the viking roll. It was made fresh and it was quite tasty. The sushi was quite bulky and did have a nice amount of filling. Although I ate in since they had a few tables, the sushi was in the takeaway containers. It was a nice place for some tasty sushi which is different from the rest.

Bruce Lee Sushi - St Johns - 113-117 Felton Mathew Ave

Benedict Uy - 9 months ago

quote The food was delicious! The clay pot rice was impressive. We hadn't had clay pot rice in a long time, and it was up to true local standards. The malatang was very tasty, with a wonderfully creamy soup. We'll definitely be coming back again.

Burswood BBQ Cafe - 239A Burswood Dr

Leanna Wong - a month ago