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Filipino dishes range from the very simple, like a meal of fried salted fish and rice, to fish curry, chicken curry, complex paellas and cozidos of Iberian origin created for fiestas. Popular dishes include: lechon, longganisa, tapa, torta, adobo, dinuguan, kaldereta, mechado, pochero, afritada, kare-kare, pinakbet, crispy pata, hamonado, sinigang, pancit, and lumpia.

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quote Beautiful, I've come here in multiple occasions but mostly got the bubble tea. I came here on my friends dads birthday and the food was amazing! The staff is so sweet and a beautiful personality. I came in here today with my brother and we got her new boba tea and it was amazing! And according to the staff it was new and just released this morning. It's absolutely refreshing on a hot day! Will definitely come again.

Bella Inglis - 3 months ago

quote Outstanding quality for the fair prices. One of the better restaurants around Albany. Mostly Western fare with a few Eastern dishes included on the menu. If you ask, they'll cook vegetarian versions of meals where possible. We went there three times and each time it was fantastic. The beverages they make are excelent too.

Quatermass - a month ago

quote I've met a lot of people from the Phillipines but don't think I've actually tried out a meal before. I ordered the first thing of the menu and it was delicious. Everything about this place is wholesome and nice place to enjoy by yourself, or with a group. :)

Dreaming Rememberance - 5 months ago

quote The review below was about a year old. Now it is January 2024 we keep coming back. We love this place. They are consistent with their menu. Amazing. Delicious. My only complaint, we went there one day, the Google map said it was open and they were closed. Was sooooo sad. I was craving and missing their food. But we returned again the following week and they were open. Thank God. My Happy Place for Filipino food. _____________ Very modern cooking of Filipino cuisine. Had an amazing experience. We had dinner for two, it wasn't crowded at all but we booked for two in advanced. As the night goes by, people started arriving. We didn't wait long, dishes came out in timely manner and we were not disappointed. The crunchy pork belly kare kare was so creamy and smooth. It was arranged so beautifully. The creamy kare kare sauce is so tasty, light and fluffy. It was different than other kare kare I have tasted and even cooked. It looks like all items such as the meat and veggies were cooked individually as well as the creamy sauce, and placed together in harmony. The bagoong was light and it complimented the kare kare. The pork sinigang too was very fresh and broth was light and tasty. Not over powering sour. Although I love very sour. My partner likes it mild. The pork meat was so tender and it melts in your mouth. We also had pork barbecue, it was so tasty and tender too. It was perfect with the chop suey. Vegies was crunchy and saucy. Very fresh too. It had small pieces of pork. I like it. Though I would have loved it if they put some prawns or some quail eggs. Overall not bad. Their halo halo was very simple but so delicious. The shaved ice suited the tasty ice cream and morsels of sweetened fruits. It was so yummy but not too heavy. We will come back. The restaurant is quite new, I hope they retain their standards.

Flower Power - 2 months ago